Gelousy Products 




Base Gel

Adheres Gelousy products to the nail

Natural Gel

The self-leveling gel is a builder gel, sculpting gel and a highly durable top coat that holds its shine indefinitely

Pink Gel

Pale pink gel brings life to the French Manicure or substitutes as a pale pink polish

White Gel

Chip resistant product that is used for finishing French Manicures and back fills

Gel Colors

Colored gels are an exciting and durable alternative to French Manicures
No polish required!

Nail Prep/Wipe

Dehydrates and prepares nail for adhesion. Used to remove sticky residue after curing is complete

Cuticle Oil

A wonderful mix of Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E

U.V. Lamp

A 6 watt single bulb, designed to fully cure Gelousy products

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