Gelousy Gel Nail Systems
The first gel nail system that guarantees perfect results.

Gelousy is a premier ultra violet cured gel nail product. Gelousy is incredibly durable and flexible giving clients both a natural look and feel. It can be sculpted, applied over tips or used as an overlay on the natural nail. Gelousy can be worn naturally, as a French manicure or with a Gelousy color or with polish. Gelousy gel products are odorless and have reduced dust when filing, offering clients and nail technicians a safer and more pleasant salon environment. This superior nail product produces beautiful nails that are long lasting.

Gelousy nails are the future of nail technology! It has been speculated that within ten years, 90% of all nail technicians in the United States will be using gel products.

Tavé's Nail Acadamy is proud to offer Gelousy nail products for sale. The quality and reliability of the product produces beautiful results and keeps clients coming back. This outstanding product line will provide you with a unique competitive edge as you launch your career.

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