Tave's Nail Academy

Tavé Accardo is a Board Certified Instructor and Nail Technician. Tavé offers you the opportunity to develop a new and exciting career in nail technology. "Today is your day to start a career and start believing in yourself. Now is the time to push forward with your talent and knowledge and to believe you will succeed. Gelousy and other products I have used in the past ten years have given me a good and successful future. I keep moving forward to other opportunities. Believe in yourself and the future will come to you"...Tavé.

The Academy takes great pride in offering the finest instruction in the study of nail arts and sciences.

The Academy trains students to become professional nail artists, learning the finest technique of manicuring, pedicuring, airbrushing, nail art, applying artificial nails and also the newest procedures to apply sculptured gel nails.

The Academy familiarizes students in the proper and current methods in nail technology and also keeps students current on all the new laws and regulations. Students at the Academy learn various techniques for grooming nails such as wrapping, tipping and repair. Individualized attention ensures that each student gets the best education and training possible to be successful.

Courses offered at the Academy include:
~ Sanitization, sterilization and safety
~ Basic manicures and pedicures
~ Application of artificial nails (includes gels, acrylics and fiberglass)
~ Laws, rules and regulations
~ Management, ethics, interpersonal skills and salesmanship
~ Occupational safety and health

Students learn the rules and ethics of health and safety in the nail business. Students learn management skills as well as salesmanship. Not only do students learn the art of working with people, but also customer relations and proper etiquette when dealing with the public.

The Academy qualifies and prepares students for the Colorado State Board examination as well as assisting students in suitable job placement in the surrounding areas.

Unlike other schools, the Academy only specializes in nails. Therefore, students are given more one-on-one instruction in the nail business. With over 100 students completing the program, we are pleased that 100% have become Board Certified and have moved on to successful careers.

We offer full time, part-time and night classes.

Certification requirements includes 600 hours of hands on experience. No prior experience is required.... we will train you from the ground up. All you need is commitment to program and a desire to succeed.

Cost of the course is $6050. Half is due up front, half upon graduation.

Please give us a call today to sign up for the next session.

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